You Won’t Recognize Her: Pancake Left Chained Outdoors After Owner Died Gets A New Lease On Life

When a dog’s owner dies, one may think that the remaining family members will take care of the pup. But that is not always the case. Some deliberately leave the dogs behind to die, which is a cruel thing to do. A pup named Pancake has been living in misery after her owner passed away. She was left chained outside, thus exposing her to various elements that could compromise her health and safety. Nonetheless, her tale has a happy ending.

Get to know Pancake better in the story below:

Pancake’s misery

According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) release, Pancake spent most of her life chained in her owner’s home yard. Thankfully, PETA fieldworkers usually visited the dog and showed her some gestures of kindness. The dog would even respond to this act of compassion by flattening her body to the ground, hence her name.

Unfortunately, the pooch’s owner died last January, leaving her all alone in the backyard. Even if the remaining family members lived a few hundred miles away, they insisted on keeping Pancake in the same spot.

Such a set-up exposed Pancake to parasites. The poor dog even became emaciated since no one was feeding her.

Pancake has a home now!

Thankfully, PETA convinced the remaining family members to surrender her to the shelter. Under the organization’s care, the pup received immediate veterinary attention. She also moved in with her foster family, who eventually adopted her.

For the very first time, Pancake is now living indoors with a loving family. According to Jessica, the pup’s new owner, everything was new to Pancake since she lived on a chain. She shared how thrilled she was about the dog’s future. Nevertheless, she acknowledged that the journey would take time since Pancake was still processing her trauma.

Check out the video below to see Pancake’s stunning transformation.

Video Source: PETA via YouTube


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