Use Cheese: Pet Owner Discovers That This Is The Best Way To Get His Dog To Behave While His Nails Are Trimmed

Greg Lee, a dog owner who is 41 years old, has to go through a hard battle every two weeks – and that is to make sure that his dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Jax, has his nails clipped. Because of his breed, Jax needs to have his nails clipped because they grow quickly compared to other breeds’. Greg knows this, so he tries to keep them groomed, but doing that can be quite a struggle.

When they have to do nail trimming, Jax would take his paw away when he starts to hear the electric nail clipper’s sound. This makes Greg feel exasperated.

Greg’s daughter told him that he should try putting some cheese on his head so the dog can focus on that. Greg already tried using a toy before, but it didn’t work. He didn’t have anything to lose, that is why he tried the cheese trick. Greg also tried peanut butter before – it worked, but Greg felt uncomfortable with it because the stuff was too sticky.

Greg took some Cheese Whiz and put some on his head when it was time for nail trimming. The cheese worked! Jax started to happily lick at the cheese while Greg was able to properly focus on trimming the dog’s nails.

Each time Greg cuts the dog’s nails, it takes him around 20 minutes. So to ensure that Jax continues to be focused on the cheese on Greg’s head, he and his daughter took a good amount of cheese that would be able to last through the entire session.

When Jax is licking on the cheese, he is so focused on the food that he totally forgets about the sound of the nail trimmer that he was so afraid of before. All that matters to him each time is the cheese that he can eat a lot of!

Source: Dogtooth Media


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