Tired Puppy Chills Out On The Couch With Its Stuffed Toy Bestie

Tired Puppy Chills Out On The Couch With Its Stuffed Toy Bestie

When dogs love something, they’ll latch onto that particular object wherever they go. No matter how silly they look, canines won’t mind so long as they can hold onto their favorite toy throughout the day.

Thus, one Euro Boxer carries its newest plushy around while chilling out on their sofa. And, it looks like the pup’s happy with its toy as it can’t stop itself from kneading its paws on the pillows.

Mom, I sooo love this toy!

In this amusing video clip, a mix-furred Euro Boxer named Zoe chills out on a sofa. Yet, it looks like Zoe’s not alone on the couch as one can see her tagging a Bugs Bunny plushy with her.


At first, you’ll think Zoe merely brings the toy to show Mom how much she loves it. Without any warning at all, the pup gazes in Mom’s direction while starting to knead her paws on the throw pillow.

Zoe carries on with such a comical gesture, never once letting go of her newest toy. On and on, the Euro Boxer goes with her paw-kneading even as she takes a look at her surroundings.

Thanks so much for this toy, Mom!

With the way it looks, Zoe’s fur mom gifts her with a Space Jam Barkbox. The moment the package arrived, the pup shows her appreciation by not letting go of her newest plaything even for a second.


Zoe then carries on with her hilarious paw-kneading stint, never once looking fazed with what she’s doing. Even as Mom films her bizarre actions, the canine merely continues with her activity.

Do you think Zoe carries on with her gentle paw-kneading stint on the throw pillow until the end of the footage? You’ll have to find out by taking a look at the footage linked below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube 


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