Tiny Senior Dog Refuses To Be Picked Up Unless It’s With A Pillow

Tiny Senior Dog Refuses To Be Picked Up Unless It's With A Pillow

The Tiny Senior Dog

Meet this Tiny Senior Dog 11-year-old dog named Madi, who knows what she wants and won’t settle for anything else. According to her mom, Serena Hodson, Madi is very particular and likes only a few people. Sometimes, she acts cute and wants cuddles; other times, she wants nothing to do with people. She is sassy and does not mind showing some attitude if something does not go her way.

Madi, the tiny senior dog, has many sentiments, with the strongest one is getting picked up. Unfortunately, as she is a tiny dog, picking Madi up is impossible to avoid. The puppy loves chilling on the couch or bed; however, she cannot get up there by herself.

Elevator Method to Pick Her up!

Her mother Hodson put a blanket over Tiny Senior Dog Madi whenever she picked her up to avoid getting bitten. However, that method was heartbreaking for her. Fortunately, Hodson’s dad came up with the elevator method. Now, whenever this cute tiny dog wants to get up on the couch or bed, Hodson puts a pillow on the floor so she can lift the pooch using it as if an elevator.

Hodson said that her dog does not know any tricks, including sitting on command. Despite this, her dad was able to teach Madi to sit on the pillow and use it as an elevator. Sometimes, Hodson uses Madi’s bed instead, which works the same way. The tiny pup doesn’t complain as long as they don’t touch her to pick her up. Occasionally, Madi is fine with her parents holding her, but only under the right circumstances.

According to her mom, Madi sometimes lets her carry around if she slowly hovers her hand under the dog’s belly and kneels not to lift the puppy to her height. She said Madi has become much better with being held but still prefers the “elevator” treatment. Madi is a small dog with a big personality, and her mom would not have her any other way.


She’s so spoiled😂

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