This Momma Dog Will Stop At Nothing To Protect And Keep Her Puppies Alive

This Momma Dog Will Stop At Nothing To Protect And Keep Her Puppies Alive

A homeless dog named Tanee got pregnant and soon gave birth to two charming puppies. She did a magnificent job caring for them even though she barely found food for herself. She groomed them, nursed them, and protected them from all harm.

But shortly after her puppies were born, Tanee got injured, and no one knew what had happened to her. She lost the use of both her hind legs and needed to drag her body to move around. Surely, it was tough, but she coped with her disability the best way she could to continue being a good mom to her babies.

The puppies became more mobile as they grew older. Their mother protects puppies from dangers like being hit by a car or tormented by larger canines and people on the streets. They emerged from their den and started to travel.


Tanee felt exhausted from caring for her little ones, but she never stopped doing what she did best. She ensures her infants are nourished despite being weak and hungry.

There’s no doubt that Tanee was an excellent mom for prioritizing her puppies‘ needs over hers. But deep inside, she hoped that someone would come and help her. And fortunately enough, an angel came her way.

A Good Samaritan contacted a local independent rescuer, who immediately responded. He searched for the dogs and quickly took them to the vet. He promised Tanee that she and her little ones would live better lives from that point forward.

Gunshot Wound

The momma dog suffered from a gunshot wound, and the pellet was still in her spine, which was why she couldn’t walk. She could have died, but her determination and strong will kept her alive, and her puppies gave her a reason to continue fighting.

Tanee and her two girls, Maya and Ivy, are now safe under the care of their rescuer. They are all doing great and will soon search for their forever homes.

Source: Tierengel Burak e.V and Animal Rescue


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