This Missing Pup Manages To Save A Family Before He Reunites With His Long Lost Family

Having a dog around can give you peace of mind. Since they rely on their instincts, they can tell if dangers are lurking just around the corner. A pup named Butter has proven that pooches are better than fire alarms. This was after he alerted a family about a fire spreading to their home. And because of this incident, Butter managed to get reunited with his real family.

Here’s Butter’s incredible story.

The barking fire alarm

The Galloways, a family living in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, we’re lucky enough to escape a possible inferno. This was all thanks to a stray dog hanging out close to their home.

Charity, the family’s matriarch, initially thought that Butter was a stray. So, she decided to get the pup an outdoor shelter with an electric lamp.

But one night, the electric lamp of the dog’s shelter caught fire. Soon enough, the flames crept quickly towards the Golloways’ house. Butter knew he had to do something, so he ran to the house’s windows and barked loudly.

Butter‘s barks woke Charity up in time. The woman even heard how the flames burst one of the windows. Charity immediately got her kids out of the house. Eventually, they were able to keep the fire from growing bigger.

Thanks to the pup’s quick thinking, no one got hurt.

Butter The Pup is about to get reunited with his family

The rescuers from a local fire department took a few pictures of Butter upon arrival at the Golloways’ home. Some of those photos ended up on Facebook, where a person recognized the pooch as their missing pup Cooper. Eventually, Charity found out that the pup she took care of for a while wasn’t a stray at all.

Cooper’s original owners got in touch with Charity and explained what happened. The plans to reunite Cooper with his family were already in place.

Charity was quite emotional when she realized that Butter would leave them. Nevertheless, she was happy for their hero dog.

Video Source: WJHL via YouTube


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