This Man Had Terminal Illness But He Survived Because Of His Love For Dogs

Animal rescue stories often highlight how rescued animals’ lives have improved. What’s not often talked about is that in most cases, rescuers also benefit from saving animals. They feel a sense of fulfillment and joy. At one point, a man succeeded in beating his terminal illness because of his passion.

Zach and Cora

A man named Zach Skow rescued a dog that got hit by a car. The dog, Cora Rose, had her front legs amputated. For two years, she stayed with Zach in his shelter for rescued animals.

Bundle of Joy

After the accident, Cora was devastated and depressed. However, because of Zach’s care, Cora managed to regain her bubbly composure. She became a bundle of joy who turned her injury into something extraordinary that she can share with the world.

Zach Was Rescued

Zach would argue that he’s the one who got rescued by his dogs. In 2008, Zach was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease. According to the doctors, He only had 90 days to live. However, after he founded Marty’s Mutts and worked with rescued dogs, he miraculously recovered.

Cora lives with several other animals in the rescue shelter. She’s very friendly and plays with every animal. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog, a cat, or a pig; she has the energy to socialize with them.

What Zach loves about Cora is her ability to affect people who she comes in contact with. She can turn people’s frown upside down. She’s a dog that’s willing to give off her energy.

The Silver Lining

According to Zach, rescue work is a relentless emotional trudge. So having Cora around as a therapy dog is valuable to him and his family. Cora proved that no matter how horrific an injury might be, there’s always a silver lining to it.

Zach and his family continue to do rescue work with Cora Rose. Check out Marley’s Mutts for more information on what Zach is up to recently. Also, watch the video below from The Dodo for more details.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.

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