This Deaf Rescue Puppy Learns Sign Language So She Can Live Harmoniously With Her New Family

This Deaf Rescue Puppy Learns Sign Language So She Can Live Harmoniously With Her New Family

Animal control officers picked up a stray or deaf puppy and surrendered it to the care of the local animal shelter in NJ. Named JJ later on, the teeny tiny deaf puppy felt scared by all the noise and cowered inside her kennel. She was in bad shape, but a kind shelter worker knew better.

The Story of this Adorable Deaf Puppy

Soon, JJ transferred to the care of Ari, a dog foster parent with the charitable group Mr. Bones & Co. Like the shelter worker, her foster mom knew she needed extra care. She was at the lowest point of her life, but she was lucky she found someone to help her.

The deaf puppy had wounds on her little face of an unknown origin. She was filthy and rotten, and she was feeling so scared. She had very little chance of survival, but she wanted to live.
Within a few days of receiving proper medications, JJ felt better. She developed her personality and became a vicious and snarly pup. She wrestled her foster dog sibling Kye, who was about three times her size because she thought and felt like a full-grown dog.

Ari was so happy to see JJ transform, but she noticed something odd about her foster puppy. She worried so she had it tested and confirmed JJ was deaf. It didn’t respond whenever she tried to wake it up from sleep.

To prep the deaf puppy for its new home, Ari had to take extra steps to teach JJ sign language. Fortunately, she’s not just a dog foster but also the lead dog trainer of Instinct Dog Behavior & Training Northern NJ. And without a doubt, she did an excellent job teaching her foster puppy what it needed to learn.

In no time, JJ was ready to move on. She started searching for her new home, and it didn’t take long before she found her perfect match. She stole the heart of her new mom Kristen right off the bat, and even Sawyer, her new dog sibling, liked her from the start.

Despite her disability, JJ adapted thoroughly to her new environment. She felt comfortable instantly as if she’s been there her entire life. She was confident she was home.

Credits: Mr. Bones & Co. and The Dodo


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