Sick And Sad Puppy Found Inside A Box In A Parking Lot Becomes The Healthiest And Happiest Dog In His Forever Home

Sick And Sad Puppy Found Inside A Box In A Parking Lot Becomes The Healthiest And Happiest Dog In His Forever Home

Someone came into a Georgia parking lot at night and left a puppy inside a box. Instead of bringing the sick puppy to the vet, he had the nerve to abandon it. He probably thought that no one would see him or no one would know, but a security camera caught him doing such a despicable act.

Sick Puppy to a Handsome Hunk

Thankfully, Leon County Humane Society rescuers quickly saved the sick puppy. They did all they could to stabilize the puppy and kept him in critical care for at least 24 hours. And while they made sure the puppy stayed alive, Shannon Colavecchio, a dog foster parent, volunteered to help.

Shannon picked up the sick puppy she named Jiminy Cricket as soon as she heard he was good to leave the clinic. She brought him home, bought him some cool sweaters and a bed, and sat by him all day. She comforted him and let him know that he was safe.

Jiminy Cricket was in horrible condition, but he hung on. He was weak, exhausted, and fragile and tucked his tiny tail between his legs. But despite it all, he had the appetite, which was a good sign that he’d pull through.

For the first four days, all Jiminy Cricket did was sleep, wake up, eat, use the bathroom, and fall asleep again. But about a week later, when he started to feel and look better, he started snuggling with the members of his foster family. He showed them that he was a sweet and loving boy and began stealing their hearts.

Three weeks out and Jiminy Cricket was happier and livelier. He played and wrestled with his foster dog’s siblings. He just enjoyed every second of his life.

Jiminy Cricket weighed less than 4 pounds when he was rescued. He was covered in mange, was incredibly sick, and had little chance of survival. But that was him during his dark days.

Shannon’s utmost care and unconditional love paved the way for Jiminy to grow into a happy, healthy, lovely, and handsome dog. She wanted to adopt him to someone she knew, but eventually, she rescinded him. She realized he belonged with her and her family.

Credits:  Shannon Colavecchio and The Dodo


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