People Suggested It Would Be Better To Put This Dog To Sleep But Her Rescuer Thought Otherwise

Poor dog

Magda Radu, the founder of the nonprofit organization Magda’s Angels Place, found and rescued a dog she named Miracle from the streets of Romania. Despite having tons of experience in animal rescue, she still felt horrified when she saw the dog. She was also heartbroken and angry but determined to help the poor dog.

Magda Radu and the Poor Dog’s Story

When she found her, the miracle was in the worst state. She could barely see, and her rescuers thought she was blind. And the most worrisome about her condition was the big open wound on her head that exposed her flesh.

The poor dog wandered the streets for so long, hoping and waiting for someone to help her. But the hundreds of people surrounding her were too busy to care for or even notice her. Still, she did not lose hope and was glad she held on.

As soon as Magda had the dog in safety, she brought it to the nearest animal clinic for emergency care. She was aware it was hanging by a thread but determined to help it. She just had to do whatever she could to make it feel better because that’s what she does best.

Pain tormented the poor dog, and it caused her to be in deep sorrow. But despite her agony, she wanted to live. She knew that she would recover and thrive with her rescuer’s help.

Everyone, except the rescuer, said it would be better to put Miracle to sleep. However, Magda’s heart and mind told her she should do otherwise. So every day, she changed the dog’s bandage and cleaned its wound. She administered its meds and provided it with proper nutrition.

Within a week, Miracle felt better and was happy to be alive. And within a couple of months, she fully recovered. Her physical wounds healed so did her emotional trauma.

Miracle, now Peanut, flew to Germany to be with her new family. She felt delighted to have a loving home because she knew it was where she belonged.

Source: Magda’s Angels Place


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