Naughty Puppy Gets Its First Taste Of Mom’s Discipline

Naughty Puppy Gets Its First Taste Of Mom's Discipline

Puppies will forever be rascals, and the only way they learn their limits is by their mom’s training and discipline.

Puppies that don’t get disciplined when they’re young can grow up to be more difficult to train and get along with. Dog behavior experts say it’s more challenging to get an older dog to change its ways.

Naughty Puppy

If you’ve had a puppy before, then this story of one pup will likely remind you of when you saw your puppy get scared of its mom.
This young naughty puppy is energetic, and it loves going for mom’s tail and chasing its siblings to play with them.

dog and puppies

It would always get in trouble, too, and this clip captured the priceless moment it saw mom growl at it. It yelped and quickly turned away.

Just like humans, dog behaviors start to show at a young age. The only difference is that in puppies, it shows much more quickly.


After getting your mom mad, this dog’s behavior makes you feel joy for this young hooligan because it will learn to behave in the future.
Never miss a good scolding, even when it scares the living daylights out of you. It’s all for your good, and we think this naughty puppy understood the lesson immediately.


The puppy was still its playful self. It would back off, but it would still play with mom’s tail. But whenever it went too far, mom’s growls were there to let it know that a certain limit’s been reached.

Naughty Puppy Learned a Lesson

Eventually, the naughty puppy learned its lesson and kept away from mom’s tail. Now, this dog knows what’s up after getting scared once by its mother.

Dogs need to be trained and disciplined when they do wrong, but it’s best done in a manner it will understand. Good job, mom, for raising your babies well!

Credits to ShashiMourya via YouTube


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