Mowgli Rescued On Side Of Road Before Rainstorm Adopted By Loving Family

Dog Rescued On Side Of Road Before Rainstorm Adopted By Loving FamilyVolunteers of an animal rescue organization called Howl Of A Dog noticed an abandoned dog on the side of a very busy highway. They had to stop for him because he was staying too close to the road.

He acted defensively at first, but then he got curious. He was still cautious, so the rescuers had to gain his trust with treats. When he finally let the humans put a leash on him, they managed to get him into the car. It was a good thing that they rescued him at that time since a rainstorm was imminent. The wind got stronger, and it started to rain heavily a few minutes later.

Meet Mowgli

They named him Mowgli after the famous character in a novel who lived in a jungle. When he arrived at the Howl Of A Dog shelter, he was still uncertain. They let him go out of the crate at his own pace. He must have been so exhausted because he immediately fell asleep when he settled in his bed.

The vet estimated him to be seven to eight years old. Then he checked Mowgli for a microchip, but he had none. Aside from having fleas and ticks, he did not have any serious health problems, so they went ahead with the neuter surgery and vaccinations.

Animals In The Wild

The rescuers noticed that Mowgli kept burying food in his bed. This behavior showed that he had experienced hunger living in the wild. Animals tend to do this so that they would have food to eat at a later time. Mowgli had to get used to the idea that he would no longer go hungry again.

Slowly, Mowgli’s playful personality started coming out. He could be shy when he met a person for the first time, but he would eventually warm up to them.

Three months after Mowgli was rescued during an impending thunderstorm, he was adopted by a loving family in Germany. He enjoys playing in the garden and exploring the forest. He has been living a life free from worries.

Source: Howl Of A Dog via YouTube


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