Meet Bunny: The TikTok Dog Star That Can Talk To Her Owner!

Have you ever wished you could talk with your dog? Not talking to them, but having an actual conversation with them. What if we tell you there’s a way in which you can talk to your dog and have answers from them? And no! We didn’t go crazy! It is actually possible!

Meet Bunny, the talking dog that’s a sensation on TikTok!

Bunny is a sheepadoodle that lives happily with her owners. Alexis Devine is the human that takes care of Bunny’s TikTok account.

What’s so cool about Bunny’s videos is that she has a “keyboard” full of buttons representing words. When she presses each button, you can hear the word it represents. Using this system, Bunny has learned to talk to her owners.

Her TikTok videos now reach millions of views. People are amazed at how a dog can understand and now produce the human language.

Bunny the talking dog

One of the most popular videos is Bunny telling her owner about a pain she has in her paw. Pressing the buttons “ouch,” “stranger,” and “paw”, Bunny was able to communicate her pain. Her owner Alexis checked her paw and found a foxtail (a grass cluster that hurts dogs’ paws.)

Now imagine if you could do the same with your dog. Imagine if you could get an “I love you” or “I want to go out” from your dog. Well, you actually can! The buttons Bunny uses to talk are available online from the brand FluetPet.

Researcher Christina Hunger is the one who invented this system. She wanted to see if her dog Stella could communicate using the same system as the speech therapy she used in toddlers.

By now, the study has shown amazing results on the speech capacities of dogs! Thanks to this invention, Bunny is now a TikTok superstar with more than 5 million followers!

You can watch her on @What_about_bunny.


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