Labrador Got Carried Down The Mountain After Suffering From Dehydration

Leo, a yellow Labrador, is 120 pounds in weight. This is why it became difficult for rescuers to bring the pooch down Mount Olympus after the dog suffered from dehydration. The dog was with a group of hikers when the incident happened. It came as a surprise to the volunteers because the pooch was used to this kind of hike.

When the ordeal happened, the hikers contacted rescuers from the Salt Lake Country Sheriff’s Search and Rescue. The volunteers immediately responded and went to the scene. According to the hikers, the pooch began to show signs of overheating during the hike. Leo then refused to move, so the hikers felt there was something wrong.

The hikers gave the pooch litters of water to keep him hydrated and cool, but the same was not enough to let the pooch move. This was the time the hikers knew they need some reinforcement, so they contacted the rescue group.

The rescue team had with them a large amount of water and rescue equipment for Leo. The rescuers knew it would be a difficult task, so they prepared for it. The rescuers were able to track the location where the hikers and the dog were.

Upon seeing the pooch, the rescuers knew that Leo was too quick to move. This was the time when the rescuers put the pooch on a stretcher. They then began their trek down Mount Olympus. It became extra tricky because the trail going down had heavy packs. More than this, the little shade on the trail similarly made the rescue difficult.

Despite the difficulties that the rescuers encountered, they managed to bring the pooch to safety. Afterward, the rescuers brought the pooch to a clinic to get checked. The dog is now recuperating from the ordeal and got cleared from any danger.

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