Is It Ok for Dogs To Eat Artichokes?

Is It Ok for Dogs To Eat Artichokes?Artichokes are a fat-free, low sodium vegetable, rich in vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants. Artichokes are a very healthy, easy to make, low-calorie food. Usually, humans consume it often, either raw, cooked, seasoned, or baked. But the main question that arises is can dogs eat artichokes?

Dogs produce acids 100 times more powerful than humans, which adds to the benefit of rapid protein breakdown. Artichokes have 4 grams of protein and 13 grams of carbohydrates which a dog’s digestive system can easily break down. So, can dogs eat artichokes? Yes! Artichokes are relatively much safer for dogs to have relative to other foods. Also, provide your pup with plenty of protein along with it, as they require it. Many food nutrients (especially proteins) are considered very important in a dog’s diet. Switching types of proteins in the diet can be better for your dog.

Are Artichokes Good For Dogs?

Yes! As mentioned above, dogs can eat artichokes. Dogs can have artichokes for a change of pace in their diet but not often. This antioxidant-rich veggie is edible. It has lots of goodness, with low calories and high vitamin C. But remember, dogs make their own vitamin C.

Are Artichokes Bad For Dogs?

No! Artichokes are not regarded as bad for dogs. In fact! It is good to serve it to them once in a while. The same kind of food day after day can upset your dog’s stomach. It is, therefore, better to switch out the proteins of your dog’s food often.

Can Dogs Eat Any Part Of An Artichoke?

Here’s the anatomy of an artichoke. An artichoke has an inner bract, an outer bract, a stem, thorn, choke, thistle and heart. Dogs can have any part of the artichoke, provided they don’t have it too often or seasoned, or baked. It is rightly named artichoke as it chokes dogs out when it is eaten raw and in large chunks. So, it is always better to cut it into bite-sized pieces to make it easy for your pup to eat!

Which Part Of The Artichoke Is Best For Dogs To Eat?

Can dogs eat artichokes? Yes, but which part of the artichoke is best for dogs? The heart of the artichoke is tasty, whereas the thistle tastes slightly on the bitter side. However, you can feed your pup any part of the artichoke. Make sure the artichoke is cut into bite-sized pieces.


Is It Ok for Dogs To Eat Artichokes?

Is It Ok for Dogs To Eat Artichokes?

Can Dogs Eat Artichoke Hearts?

The artichoke heart is the best part of the artichoke. You can feed your pup with an artichoke heart, provided it is raw, unseasoned, and not baked. Fresh, raw artichokes in bite-sized pieces are preferably the best for dogs to have.

Can Dogs Eat Fresh/Raw Artichokes?

It is better to feed your pup with fresh, raw artichoke rather than cooked or seasoned. Fresh, raw artichokes are the best for dogs as they have comparatively more nutrients.

Can Dogs Eat Artichoke Dip?

It is not suitable for dogs to have lots of dairy products. As you know, dip contains lots of cream and cheese. So, feeding dogs artichoke dip is not suitable for your pup’s digestive system.

Can Dogs Eat Canned or Fried Artichokes?

No! Do not feed your dog canned artichoke. Canned artichoke contains many preservatives and salt. These are not suitable for a dog’s digestive system. At the same time, fried artichoke isn’t an excellent food to feed your pup either. It isn’t healthy for dogs to have too much oil and fats. This will lead to indigestion and weight gain problems. It’s probably not healthy for either you or your dog.

What If My Dog Ate Cooked Or Baked Artichokes?

It is not a good idea for your dog to have cooked or baked artichokes. But, if your dog had it, and is experiencing some distress, consider a drive to a veterinarian for a better analysis of the problem. Cooked or baked artichoke has seasoning in it. And garlic and onion seasoning will soon upset a dog’s stomach and cause discomfort. So, always keep your pups away from such seasonings.

Is It Ok for Dogs To Eat Artichokes?

Can Dogs Eat Steamed Or Marinated Artichokes?

It is better not to give marinated artichoke to your dogs due to the seasonings. But, if your dog eats one, it’s not a huge matter of concern. Marinated artichokes have a lot of salt in them, and too much salt is not suitable for your dog’s digestion. Whereas steamed artichoke is an excellent way to feed your dog. And if they are unseasoned, it acts like a cherry on the cake. But always remember to cut the artichoke into bite-sized pieces, because we all know that sometimes they inhale their food rather than chew it.

Can Dogs Eat Jerusalem Artichokes?

Jerusalem artichokes which are also called sunchokes are nothing more than a particular species of sunflower. They are tuber plants with lots of starch in them, so an adequate quantity cannot harm dogs.

Artichokes And Their Health Benefits For Dogs

Artichokes are an antioxidant-rich veggie. It can be good for your dog’s digestive system. Artichokes are low in calories and fats and can help your dog remain active all day. Niacin and potassium-rich foods are very healthy for your dog. It serves as a good remedy for any distress, bowel problems, or flatulence in your dog. Artichokes act as a good immunity booster for your pets, too!

How To Cook Artichokes For Dogs?

Can dogs eat artichokes? You know the answer to this question. But there are several methods to cook artichokes. However, the one that is right for your lovely pup is a matter of concern. The best way to feed an artichoke to your dog is to give it a try. Always serve small pieces of raw artichoke at first. Make sure to remove the outer leaves, cut them into bite-sized pieces, and serve them raw to your dog. See if they enjoy it and whether it causes any distress to them. If you see any problems, immediately call your veterinarian. If you want to serve a cooked artichoke to your dog, make sure it isn’t seasoned. Garlic, ginger, onion, or any seasoning upsets a dog’s stomach and can cause problems. To avoid that, feed them to your pup steamed.


So, to sum everything up, can dogs eat artichokes? The answer is a resounding yes. Artichokes are healthy for dogs when given in an adequate quantity and not too often. Any part of an artichoke is edible for dogs, provided they are raw, fresh or steamed, unseasoned, and cut into bite-sized pieces.


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