Injured Dog Hides Story Deeper Than Her Visible Wounds

Injured Stray Dog Hides A Story That’s Deeper Than Her Visible Wounds

A Stray Dog Needed Help

DAR Animal Rescue in Karditsa, Greece received a notification that a stray dog needed help. Quickly, its founder and lead rescuer Ermioni Giannakou got into her car and went straight to the address provided by the person who called. She knew she had to promptly act so she wasted no time.

Once at the location, the rescuer immediately started searching for the dog. It didn’t take that long for her to find Peggy, a young dog that’s no more than a year old. She gently scooped her up and placed her inside a travel cage. From there, she drove her straight to the vet’s clinic for medical care.


Hit By A Car?

The rescuer and the vet staff believed the dog got her injuries after getting hit by a car. They worried she might have broken bones so they decided to take X-rays. Fortunately, they found none, but the results revealed something they didn’t expect.

The X-ray revealed Peggy was shot more than a couple of times. Whoever wanted to hurt her probably used a pellet gun. She was lucky that she survived even though she did not receive medical attention at that time.

Injured Stray Dog Hides A Story That’s Deeper Than Her Visible Wounds

The doctors mildly sedated the dog and then started to treat her wound. They worked carefully and thoroughly to make sure they didn’t aggravate her pain any further. They did all they could to keep her comfortable and showered her with affection to make her feel safe.

Peggy stayed at the clinic for a few days. Once she got her medical clearance, Ermioni picked her up and drove her straight to her foster home. She took her back to the same village where she lived as a stray, but this time, she will no longer be on the streets, not even for a second more.

Injured Stray Dog Hides A Story That’s Deeper Than Her Visible Wounds

The woman who has been feeding Peggy agreed to foster her until she fully recovers. She could not let her inside her home but she could let her stay inside her yard. It might not be the most ideal setup, but it was the best option available, and it’s way better than letting the dog spend another day on the street.

Soon, Peggy will recover and she will be ready to start fresh. Until then, she will spend her days safe and happy in her foster home.

Credits to DAR Animal Rescue


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