Hollywood Actress Began Fostering A Senior Dog During Quarantine

Actress Kaley Cuoco has always loved animals and tries to rescue them most of the time – from dogs, rabbits, and goats, you name it! She never discriminates or chooses the animals she rescues. In fact, she currently lives with her very own rescue rabbit, goat, 8 dogs, and many more.

When the pandemic struck in early 2020, people had to stay at home and isolate. Kaley herself had to stop all her shooting schedules and went home to Los Angeles.

For countless years, the actress has been using her platform to encourage people to rescue and foster dogs. With much availability and time on her hands, she decided to start fostering dogs to show the world that she meant what she’s trying to enlighten in the people.

Through her selfless cause, she got the chance to meet and foster Dumptruck, a 10-year-old Chihuahua who was recently rescued by A Purposeful Rescue. Little did she know, she would have to face her first foster failure.

Hollywood Actress Began Fostering A Senior Dog During Quarantine

When Dumpy, arrived at Kaley’s home, he was overweight, could barely walk and his teeth were rotten. However, those things didn’t stop the actress from showing the love he deserves.

Truth be told, Dumpy started cozying up in the actress’s home and began running around in just five days. He also discovered a weird hobby that he absolutely likes – hiding under foster mommy’s blankets!

While senior dogs don’t deserve to live out their final days in a shelter, it is also a known fact that their chances of being adopted are slim. That being the case, Kaley kept on enlightening her Instagram followers about the importance of adopting senior dogs. In fact, she also offered monetary once-off assistance to whoever will adopt Dumpy.

As she waited for weeks, she slowly became attached to Dumpy as well. She loved how the once elusive dog is now running around her house, hiding under blankets and interacting with her other dogs. It was a perfect fit!

Hollywood Actress Began Fostering A Senior Dog During Quarantine

In one of their daily interactions, Kaley had a moment of realization. She realized that there’s no need to look for Dumpy’s forever family anymore because he’s already home!

Now, what are the chances! We’re happy that Dumpy finally found his forever family. As for Kaley, we hope she fosters another dog again soon!

Thanks to A Purposeful Rescues for the photos.


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