Door Cam Records Dogs Hilarious Attempts At Waking His Owners Up After Getting Locked Out At 2 In The Morning

Dogs have time and again shown us that they’re more than just adorable balls of fluff. They have wowed us with their intelligence over the years. This comes as no surprise since, according to studies, the brain capacity of a dog is similar to that of a  two-year-old.

Our four-legged furry friends are born with the ability to understand commands. This explains why, after a few weeks of training, they know what to do once they hear the words “sit,” “stay,” “roll over,” “paw,” and “up.”

This can be attributed to their Pups are keen observers, that’s why they’re effortless to train. Most of the things they know were acquired by merely observing the world around them.

Ringing the morning bell

Robert Fox was sleeping soundly when his doorbell started ringing. It was 2 in the morning, and he wasn’t expecting any guests. Wondering what could be causing all that noise, he decided to make his way to the door to check it out. his wife told him it could be the dog, but he highly doubted it.

Upon reaching the front door, he was surprised to see that his wife was right after all. Chika, his Labrador-mix, was frantically ringing the doorbell because she accidentally locked herself out. Fox watched her struggle through the door’s camera footage. She kept pressing her paws on the doorbell, desperate to be let in.

A lightbulb moment

Chika had already been outside for several hours before coming up with a brilliant plan to get back inside the house. She decided to keep ringing the doorbell so her humans would know she’s been locked outside the house. Well, her plan worked! What a smart Labrador-mix! Check out her adorable and hilarious attempts at ringing the doorbell by watching the video below:

Credits to Caters Video


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