Doggy Day Care Provides The Fluffiest Pillows For A Picky Little Dog

Playing with your friends at the daycare center can be tiring. After all the running and jumping, resting and sleeping is the best thing you need. Some find it hard to fall asleep, especially if you have a lot of playmates around you keeps on being active. Or being in a different place without your bed can also be uneasy.

But this little dog named Edna had it all figured out.

Edna has been going to doggy daycare ever since she was a puppy. She pretty much created her daycare routine: Edna would tirelessly play for three to four hours, then fall asleep until pick up time.

The funny thing about this routine of Edna was that she wouldn’t sleep just anywhere. She would always get a cozy sleeping place on top of her fluffy dog friends!

Her “sleeping partners” were documented, and they don’t seem to mind at all. Edna’s sleeping buddies came in all sizes. Their qualifying characteristic is that they all got fluffy furs.

It’s was such a sight seeing Edna as a puppy on her sleeping mates, but now that she has grown, she seems not to be aware of how heavy she has become. She felt so at home that her fur parents always had a hard time waking this dog up. She had to be scooped out and detached from another dog every time. It’s a struggle waking her up from her cozy sleep.

Her accommodating fur friends seemed to enjoy the cuddle Edna gives them as well. No matter how deep her sleep was, they just let Edna snooze on them.

Falling into a deep sleep isn’t as hard, after all, as long as you’re like Edna, who found the coziest bed in her furry fluffy daycare friends.

Thanks to missedna_rose for sharing these sleepy moments via Instagram


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