Dog Finds A Supportive Hand While Stuck Alone On An Island

While kayaking off the coast of Belize, Wesley White remained speechless at the sight he witnessed. There stood ahead of him Winston who looked extremely starved and thin. The dog had been deserted on an island. Wesley wondered how the dog might have managed to survive on this island, considering there wasn’t a soul around. He realized he would have to save the dog on his own. Without much thinking, Wesley loaded the dog onto his boat.

Paddling To Shore

Upon reaching the shore, Wesley had no idea of the support he would receive on foreign land. He had to return home and his flight was scheduled to take off in another 36 hours. As it turned out, everybody around offered all they could to help the poor dog. Someone even mentioned a nearby vet where Wesley took Winston (the dog) to. The vet was equally supportive. She ensured treatment of Winston including blood panels. So Wesley flew back home.

The Foster Home

Winston had been shifted to a foster home while getting treated. Fortunately, through the Humane Society of Belize, a foster home for Winston was found. Melanie was the point of contact at the foster home. She updated Wesley frequently with Winston’s progress. As a result, Wesley could see Winston’s improvement. It was completely contrary to the state he had found Winston in because he looked much healthier.

The Airport

There was still time for Wesley and Winston’s reunion. In the middle of January, Wesley had to drive from Montana to Dallas Airport. Wesley remained excited at the thought of meeting with his friend. He worried that the dog wouldn’t remember him at all. Well, a dog’s memory is indeed sharper than we think, isn’t it?

As he got outside of the cage, he started to sniff Wesley around his shoes. Once assured, he then jumped all over Wesley and wagged his tail in excitement. That is when Wesley realized his friend had not forgotten about him at all. Winston was thrilled to meet with his old friend who rescued him from a deserted island.


Homeward Bound

Winston looked healthy and friendly. He was taken to a hotel for the night, where the dog got along famously with Wesley’s two other dogs. All of them played and enjoyed each other’s company. In the morning, all of them left for home.

The gesture made by Wesley restores our faith in humanity. He was near death when Wesley first spotted him. However, he has grown to be a healthy, happy dog. He is pretty playful and loves the snow. To his amusement, he has two other dogs to play with now.

It is a dog’s only dream to find a home filled with joy, laughter, and comfort too. The dog received what he deserved and a great pal in Wesley.

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