Adorable Pup Who is Mike Tyson’s New Sparring Partner

Mike Tyson’s New Sparring Partner Is An Adorable Pup

Mike Tyson might be well into his fifties now, but he still has the moves to prove that he is one of the best boxing champs in the world. He showcased his famous skills on Instagram with a video clip from a session with an unexpected sparring partner, Mars Tyson. The pup is quite adorable, but he, too, felt amazed at his dad’s frightening speed.

Pup Mars and His Popularity

Mars has his own Instagram account where he uploaded the video. It shows the fluffy white pup willingly participating at first when Mike engages him in a playful boxing session. He even wagged his tail. But Mars had the good sense to flee when the boxing legend got serious and used his iconic peek-a-boo technique.

The caption explained why Mars chose to run away. It stated that the pup decided to go easy on Mike. Nevertheless, the loving relationship between the two was adorable, as, at the end of the video, Mars showered Mike with sweet puppy kisses.

Loyal fans of the former world champion in heavyweight boxing sympathized with the poor doggo. They praised Mars for being smart in escaping Mike’s signature moves and speed. One fan even admitted that he too spars with his dog, but since he doesn’t have Mike’s talent, his dog doesn’t flee.

Mike is one of the world’s most feared boxing athletes because of his famous peek-a-boo move. In a tweet by BT Sport, he showed his signature technique last year, where he gamely took off his jacket to give an impromptu boxing lesson. Mike hadn’t lost his touch made everyone amazed.

Fans are quite impressed with Mike’s sustained agility. Some even felt like getting knocked out just from watching the videos. One even predicted that he would still be powerful and dangerous for a few more decades. You can watch the adorable video below.

Credits to Mars Tyson

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