Adorable American Bully Never Fails To Brighten The Days Of Her Humans

Adorable American Bully Never Fails To Brighten The Days Of Her Humans

Pit Bulls and the American Bully are some of the sweetest dogs you can ever own. They’re playful dogs who want to make friends with everyone they meet. They’re also adorable and funny, which is why more and more people see these dog breeds’ positive side. Unfortunately, so many people still see the bully breeds of dogs as vicious and aggressive animals.

The Story of Nola, The American Bully

A dog named Nola is an American Bully who was adopted by a couple named Ashley and Evan. Ashley first saw Nola on a Facebook page and immediately fell in love with her. She wanted to adopt her, but at that time, Evan was in San Diego getting ready for deployment in the military. She needed his approval first before deciding to adopt Nola.

It turned out that it wasn’t a problem for Evan. When Ashley sent him a picture of Nola, he also fell in love with her and agreed to adopt Nola. It then turned out to be a great decision.
Nola is an adorable dog who loves her humans. She’d get excited whenever Evan came home from deployment and greets him with her tail wagging fast. She also does these mini hops to get her dad to give her cuddles.

Nola’s happiness and playfulness are genuinely infectious, and they would always put a smile on her parents’ faces. She never fails to brighten up their days. Even when Ashley or Evan had a bad day, Nola would be there with a big smile and a shaking bum.

Although Nola has a happy and friendly nature, Ashley and Evan still experience people judging their dog as if she’s aggressive or violent just because of her breed. However, they never gave up on educating people that it’s not the dog’s breed but the people who raise them that make these animals who they are.

This American bully grew up in a loving environment with amazing parents. She’s always happy and always wants to say hello to everyone. Here’s a video featuring Nola’s story that will surely put a smile on your face.

Video Source GeoBeats Animals via YouTube


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