A Special Needs Stray Dog Gets A Foster Home To Live Out Her Final Days

Bianca was a stray dog, and compared to other strays, she lived a better life. Despite that, she still lived in the streets, and that is no place for a dog. She was nice to people, and the people who knew her gave her food and cared for her, but no one really gave her a home.

A shelter made from wood and cardboard was Bianca’s home. She also had blankets to help her during cold days. People loved her, and she was never really hungry since they gave her food. This was her life for seven years.

Bianca was living near a public pool, and she spent many hours near the entrance. She was happy watching people pass by, and these people became familiar with her.

One day, though, they saw that Bianca was limping. And in time, it became worse that she had to drag her rear. She also started to have matted fur from her own waste because she was constantly in pain, and moving was difficult.

People who knew her started to find help for her. They were able to contact the Society for Protection of Stray Animals (also known as SPAZ).

The SPAZ rescuers went to where Bianca was. They secured her, gave her a bath, and brought her to the vet. The vet found out that Bianca had Degenerative Myelopathy, a condition that was incurable and would only get worse with time.

Bianca’s rescuers knew that the best thing they could do was give her a life she deserves for her remaining days. So they did their best to have her fostered. A woman took her in since she had been fostering for a long time, and she takes care of dogs with special needs. Bianca now has a family and a home to enjoy for her remaining days.

Source: The Orphan Pet

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