A Pit Bull Was Rescued From Dog Fighting And Soon Finds Her Forever Home

One day, a team of police officers went to a house and raided it because it was full of illegal drugs and illegal firearms. The team was surprised when they found a room in the house that was also filled with dogs. One of these dogs was Karma, a Pit Bull.

The New York Bully Crew, a group that helps Pit Bulls, helped Karma when they heard of her situation. They took her photo and published it on their social media account to help the dog get adopted. One of the people who saw Karma’s photo was Christina Puglisi, and upon learning of her story, Christina decided that she had to adopt Karma.

Christina was in a car accident before, and she was still healing from it. She knew that if she had Karma with her, they could heal together and get support from each other. Christina asked her family, and they agreed to take Karma first as a foster.

When Christina brought Karma home, the dog jumped on their couch. The dog also gave everyone in the house kisses and felt right at home.

Christina’s son, Miguel Gonzalez, said that Karma is the first dog he met that has been through a lot. He was reluctant to have Karma with them at first because he was afraid that the dog could bite him, but that didn’t happen. Instead, Karma laid right on his bed on her first night. Miguel said that he woke up the next day with Karma snuggling against him.

Christina and her family had to wait for the approval for the adoption of Karma. She was afraid that it might not be approved, but she had her hopes up and was wishing that Karma would become their dog finally. Soon, the adoption was approved, and Karma officially became a part of Christina’s family.

A Pit Bull Was Rescued From Dog Fighting And Soon Finds Her Forever Home

Source: Pittie Nation

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