A Photographer Takes Adorable Photos Of Newly Born Puppies

When a photographer, Stevie Cruz, who specializes in taking photos of newborns, got a couple of newly born puppies in her home, she came up with a cute idea. She decided to photograph her new pets, just like human babies.

A Photographer Takes Adorable Photos Of Newly Born Puppies

Stevie’s children wanted a sibling added to the family, but Stevie’s husband stuck with his decision of not having another baby in the house. However, the parents made a compromise with the kids and brought two Goldendoodle puppies in the house.

Stevie had heaps of experience of photographing infants, so she made up her mind to apply her expertise on the puppies as well. She snapped the pups in a similar way she would photograph any human babies.

Stevie started her photography business six years ago. She usually does newborn, kids, and family photography, but this time around, she was going to photograph her puppies.

Stevie got her cameras ready, and while her kids played with the puppies, Stevie waited for the pups to tire down a bit. Once the puppies got a bit worn out, they got in a half-sleepy state just like newborn human babies who are ready to be easily captured by a camera.

The pups were nine months old, and according to Stevie, it was the perfect time for the puppies to be photographed. Stevie posted the puppy photos on her website, and everybody loved it.

Nalu is the darker puppy of the two, and she even has her own Instagram account with 250 followers. The other puppy is named Honey, and she is Nalu’s sister. Both puppies are growing and thriving at their new home.

A Photographer Takes Adorable Photos Of Newly Born Puppies

Stevie also took a classic sibling photo with Nalu adorably posing between Stevie’s daughters. Stevie said that her two daughters loved to play with the puppies, and why would they not do that; the puppies are irresistibly cute.

Image source: StevieCruzPhotography


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