A Male Golden Retriever Developed Maternal Instincts In Order To Protect Baby Rabbits

A Male Golden Retriever Developed Maternal Instincts In Order To Protect Baby Rabbits

It warms our hearts to hear tales of compassion and caring for the weak and those who need help. Same is the story of baby rabbits and Bailey. It is even more wonderful to learn that certain dogs are capable of caring for others that require special attention. Such a dog exists, and the one in this story treats baby rabbits like his offspring. It must’ve been doing this job well that the baby bunnies felt the warmth and care that their momma bunny gave them.

Bailey With Baby Rabbits

Bailey, a golden retriever, attracted the interest of many YouTube users. The videos of the dog published on its YouTube channel, created in 2018, have now received over 81 million views. He is a dog that we can all look up to because he is just so loving and compassionate.

Early in 2020, when Bailey first met his siblings, it must have been one of the best experiences he could have ever imagined. Sam and Charlotte were his siblings.

Despite their differences, the dog and the bunnies formed a close friendship. Bailey would sleep on Sam and Charlotte as peacefully as if she were reclining on soft cushions. Both rabbits have never complained – they even seemed to enjoy it.

Tara, the owner of these amazing animals, said the rabbits were rescued and seized from private households. Thankfully, the rabbits were saved from their miserable lives and soon met Bailey.

The relationship between the fur siblings became even closer after Charlotte gave birth to two lovely baby bunnies. Since that day, Bailey has never left her side, and he has also been caring for the newborn bunnies. They are currently growing as a family.

There is a video with over 4,300,000 views depicting Bailey’s reaction to the newborn bunnies. It went viral because of Bailey’s amused reaction to his first encounter with the adorable rabbits in his bed. Although initially confused, Bailey could control his excitement and relaxed upon seeing the small baby rabbits. 

Since the birth of the rabbits, Bailey has cared for and provided for their needs. It was the beginning of their everlasting bond as a family.

The baby rabbits had a great connection with Bailey in that they never questioned how a male dog could take the role of a mother. The rabbits even treat him as if he were their mother.

Baby rabbits and Bailey’s harmonious relationship did not surprise Tara. Bailey has always had a kind and protective disposition for the young.


Source: This is Bailey


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