A Caring Dog Raised A Young Lion Cub As If It Were Her Own Child

A Caring Dog Raised A Young Lion Cub As If It Were Her Own Child

Watching videos of dogs caring for their canine friends is undeniably touching. How much more so if you see a dog raising a lion cub?

Here is Lion Cub and Dog’s Story

In a video released by BBC News, a Labrador Retriever can be seen caring for a week-old cub. The Lion cub was born in Sri Lanka, but unfortunately, his mother rejected him. Since his mother abandoned him, the zookeepers devised a plan to connect the baby lion with a mother dog.

The zookeepers are aware that one of the dogs’ traits is that they care so much for their puppies, especially when a mother is nursing newborn puppies. In addition to routinely snuggling and feeding their puppies, dogs will risk their lives to protect their young.

According to Labrador’s owner, Heshan Mendis, the dog didn’t make a bond quickly with the cub. She revealed that her dog first lacked interest in the lion cub. However, it did not take long for the dog to develop maternal feelings for the youngster.

Heshan added that the dog’s behavior toward the cub took five or six hours to change. After that, she began licking him, treating the young lion cub with the same care and tenderness she showed her babies. She began caring for the cub as if it were her own, and if you did not know the backstory, you would assume she was the cub’s biological mother.

This perfectly illustrates a mother’s love for a young one, and many viewers were shocked by this beautiful interaction. It is also good that the dog’s puppies were accepting and kind toward the cub.

Dogs are not judgmental. This extraordinary story of a Labrador nursing a lion cub shows that dogs are born to care for and love others, whether humans or animals.

Source: BBC News


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