A Bulldog Named Hank Gets A Customized Stairlift To Help Him Go Up And Down The Stairs

A Bulldog Named Hank Gets A Customized Stairlift To Help Him Go Up And Down The Stairs

Technology development has allowed us to enjoy convenience and ease with tasks. Certain inventions act as solutions to some of our needs. The stairlift, for instance, was created to make life easier by addressing the physical challenges that older adults suffer as they age.

Stairlift Made Especially

Hank, a senior bulldog, is a lucky doggo as he can enjoy the benefits of technology. Hank, estimated to be between 7 and 9 years old, was adopted by his parents in 2012 because he may already be too old to go up and down the stairs; his owner, Brandon Raper, custom-made something for him.

Brandon posted a video of his pet bulldog on YouTube. Hank had a composed expression while he was going up and down the stairs in his very own stairlift.

According to Brandon, he noticed how much difficulty Hank had when going up and down the stairs. It usually takes him a good amount of time to reach the bottom of the steps. So Brandon decided to construct a personal elevator to assist Hank with this task.

Bulldogs have a reputation for being an expensive breed of dog. They require not just a great deal of affection and care but also additional attention because their health is fragile.

Hank is experiencing some difficulties because of an issue with his heart. Heavy movements that use a lot of energy leave him exhausted and agitated. It could trigger a heart attack that could affect him significantly.

The stairlift was custom-made for Hank, with a door that keeps him inside while he moves up and down the stairs. Once the dog has reached the ground, he must open the door.

The lift shows that its owner put a lot of effort into creating it. It was a challenging project but created with love to help this beloved pet.

Hank is surely very appreciative of having such a kind and considerate owner. He is a good boy and deserves all the best things.

Source: Brandon Raper


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